Good-bye   Leave a comment

It’s almost been 4 years since I first made this website. I never expected I would ever reach 20,000 Hits or get 100 subscribers on my Youtube or that I would ever quit.

I Meant to publish this a long time ago but I never did. I came back to post this because I didn’t want to leave you guys on a cliff hanger. First of all I want to say I quit Club penguin a long time ago. It was alot of fun but I got older. Originally I wanted to delete this website but I decided not to delete it because of all the good memories and hard work I put into it. I’d like to say good-bye and thank you to all of my friends and supporters from over the years.

If you want to contact me my current youtube account is

So Good bye everybody and thanks for all the good memories, It was all worth it.



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I’m back   10 comments

I’m Sorry that I haven’t been posting, I sorta quit Club Penguin but now that is over  and I’m glad to announce I’m rebuilding the site! 


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Club Penguin Times Issue 135   3 comments

There is a new Club Penguin Times out! lets check it out

There is going to be a igloo contest May 29

Also heres the upcoming events

Don’t forgot about tomorrow medieval party


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Igloo Contest and Sneak peak!   Leave a comment

There is a igloo contest coming up May 23! So you should start saving your coins


Also heres another sneak peak of the Medievil party

Waddle on!


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New stage & Pin   1 comment

The Twelfth stage has returned with only one new thing which is a background


Also the new pin is located at the coffee shop and to get it you have to move your mouse over the pin




Waddle on!


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Club Penguin Times #Issue 134   Leave a comment

Club Penguin Times Issue 134

Upcoming events

There is going to be a medieval party this may 16

Also the writing contest is now closed, the winners will be announced soon

Waddle on!


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May Catalog and wig catalog   Leave a comment

The may Catalog has 5 secrets lets check them out

1. Crystal staff – Click on the Dragons hand on the first page

2. Woodsmans Hat – Click on the emerald hat

3. Cheesy Tie – Click on the casule suit jacket

4. Red Viking Helmet – Click on  cocoa Bunny suit’s bow

5. Blue Viking Helmet – close and open the red viking helmet 4 times

In the wig catalog there is one secret item

1.Spikette – click on the spikester for the spikette

Also I don’t think anyone has discovered this yet but I found a secret letter in the back of the catalog from what it says there sounds like there be a party coming up it probaly has to do with Dragons and Nights, here’s a picture

To view the letter go to the back of the catalog and click  and hold on the How Do I Get Coins? Bubble and you will be able to move the bubble, continue holding it and move it to the bottom to reveal the secret letter

Waddle on!



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